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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Literacy for Gifted and Talented Learners

Differentiation is a struggle that we as educators face but needs to be faced if we are to meet the needs for all children in our classes. Often we are more adept at meeting the needs of the struggling children but truth is our able children need rigour and their unique needs to be met as well.

Issues to Consider

  • Identification: Who are these children? Have they arrived already reading independently?
  • Challenge: How can we help our gifted readers become more discerning readers?
  • Interaction: How can these children share their reading with others? 
  • Goals:Ensure we are setting realistic goals for these children.
  • Reading skills: Are we teaching to read smartly, utilising features of text and to understand deeper concepts of print?
  • Problems: Do we recognise that some of our gifted students may have reading problems and respond to these accordingly.
Brooke Trenwith from Cognition Education has provided these links to resources that primary schools are using to extend their gifted students.



A magazine created by kids for kids

 Reading lists can be found here

Resources to consider for purchase

Gail Loane's Book, 'I've Got Something to Say'.

Resources to Use

Search for Sandra Kaplan's 'Depth and Complexity Framework', via Google and you will find many examples that others have created that you might modify.

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