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I love to share things I come across with colleagues, parents and friends and others interested in matters to do with education. I am particularly interested in inquiry learning, gifted education, fostering independence and growing emotional literacy in our children. You may find posts interesting, you may not. You may agree, you may not but the important thing is you ponder about how it sits with you and your learning journey.

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Checking for Understanding

They say a picture paints a thousand words and this is a great wee graphic that speaks volumes. It came through on twitter from @impactwales Some great tools to encourage understanding and reflection in your learning setting.

Leadership and Managemnt

Being a leader is a often a dance between leading and managing. Seth Godin's analogy of the balcony and the dance floor is useful in helping define the roles needed by a leader.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

LEARNING LEADING CHANGE: Claire Victoria Amos: NZ Educators casualties of flawed opinion piece

LEARNING LEADING CHANGE: Claire Victoria Amos: NZ Educators casualties of flawed opinion piece

This a very well written article in response to a Herald opinion piece published last week. Thank you Claire for going to the time to pen such an eloquent, well thought out response.

Another blogpost worth reading is from the Principal of Hobsonville Point Secondary School, Maurie Abraham.

Here is the link to the original Herald article by Bernadine Oliver Kirby. Need to read both sides of the argument I guess.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Defining the support you are giving your team

Here are some graphics that work well when you are considering the support that members of your team need and thus impact on how you lead. This may help in giving  specific feedback to team members that will be effective in helping them move forward with their thinking and contribution to the team. It is from the work of Ken Blanchard, he talks about how situational leadership and how you lead will differ depending on the context.  Have a look at: How we Lead, some great posts to consider.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Literacy for Gifted and Talented Learners

Differentiation is a struggle that we as educators face but needs to be faced if we are to meet the needs for all children in our classes. Often we are more adept at meeting the needs of the struggling children but truth is our able children need rigour and their unique needs to be met as well.

Issues to Consider

  • Identification: Who are these children? Have they arrived already reading independently?
  • Challenge: How can we help our gifted readers become more discerning readers?
  • Interaction: How can these children share their reading with others? 
  • Goals:Ensure we are setting realistic goals for these children.
  • Reading skills: Are we teaching to read smartly, utilising features of text and to understand deeper concepts of print?
  • Problems: Do we recognise that some of our gifted students may have reading problems and respond to these accordingly.
Brooke Trenwith from Cognition Education has provided these links to resources that primary schools are using to extend their gifted students.



A magazine created by kids for kids

 Reading lists can be found here

Resources to consider for purchase

Gail Loane's Book, 'I've Got Something to Say'.

Resources to Use

Search for Sandra Kaplan's 'Depth and Complexity Framework', via Google and you will find many examples that others have created that you might modify.

Experts to Contact

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Modern Practice

There is a lot of conversation about modern practice and future focused learning. I am all for after working smartly so if you have limited time check out this graphic which explains things in a nutshell. To read the article in it's entirety head to teachthought.com.